(For Jerubei’s Enjoyment)

by Dicky Emilinson

Because I could not stop for Lunch–
They handed It to Me–
The Package reeked–of Grease and Salt,
Onions and… MSG?

I quickly drove–and in a Trice–
I found I’d put away
Two Hamburgers–a Bag of Fries–
And most of an Iced Tea–

I passed a School where Children played–
My ears began to Ring–
I passed the Mall–My Eyes were Glazed–
I burped–and tasted Bun–

Or rather–Felt it in My Throat–
I quivered and grew Still–
For only so could I keep down
The Food that kept me Full–

I passed before a Gas Station–
Out at the Edge of Town–
The Restroom Door seemed far beyond
An endless Stretch of Ground–

Since then–’tis Days, I know–and yet
That Taste remains with me–
From that Fast Food Excursion–that
So disagreed with Me.

©2008 Khrysso Heart LeFey

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