Khrysso Heart LeFey

A notable nonfigurative artist in the high desert Morongo Basin of Southern California, Khrysso’s primary course is as a paper collagist fascinated with color, geometric and 3D forms, and scrupulous design as his muse dictates. His work is collected by lovers of deliberate formalistic composition across the country. He also works in cyber painting, fiber art, and assemblage.

He is also a performer of authentic folk music of the Eastern United States and Western Europe, as well as new form popular folk. Khrysso has a BA in Linguistics and a master’s degree in Theological Studies, and is an interfaith community minister. His recordings and books are also available here.

And the answer to a really common question: It’s pronounced like Chris with an o: “KRISS-oh.”

Khrysso’s original paper collage and bespoke collage journals.

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